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On This Day (January 17): F.F. Bosworth is Born

By Roscoe Barnes III
Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer
Copyright (c) 2019


F.F. Bosworth
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On January 17, 1877, Fred Francis ("F.F.") Bosworth was born to Burton and Amelia Bosworth on a farm near Utica, Neb., a village located 40 miles northwest of Lincoln, the state's capitol.

As a child growing up in Nebraska, Bosworth learned to care for cattle. He discovered his talent for music, and he learned to sell. He was a teenager when he visited a friend in Omaha, Neb., where he found Christ as Saviour. His friend, he recounted, had invited him to a revival meeting in a Methodist church. With a little persuasion, he went to the altar and got saved. He would later say: "I wish someone at that time had told me what I have been telling you people about being baptized with the Holy Spirit. I did a great deal of drifting not knowing what the right place was for me."
Springing from humble beginnings, Bosworth became a Pentecostal pioneer and famous healing evangelist whose ministry would span several decades, from the early years of the 20th century to the late 1950s. He played a prominent role in the Pentecostal movement that occurred in the United States in the early 1900s. He also worked with the healing evangelists of the Voice of Healing during the post-World War II revival. According to historian P. G. Chappell, Bosworth was possibly the most successful healing Pentecostal evangelist to come out of Zion, Ill.
Before his fame as a healing revivalist and noted author of Christ the Healer, Bosworth served as a pastor in Dallas, Texas. In addition to that position, he contributed to the founding of the Assemblies of God. Historian Darrin Rodgers, in a recent email, explained his role as follows:

F. F. Bosworth was an active participant at the founding general council (April 1914), he was listed in the first ministerial directory (April 1914), and he was one of the first executive presbyters (November 1914). Bosworth was one of the founding ministers of the General Council of the Assemblies of God.


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