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My Review of Christopher J. Richmann’s Book, 'Living in Bible Times: F.F. Bosworth and the Pentecostal Pursuit of the Supernatural'

By Roscoe Barnes III, PhD

Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind “Christ the Healer”

Copyright © 2021



This is my review of Christopher J. Richmann’s book, “Living in Bible Times: F.F. Bosworth and the Pentecostal Pursuit of the Supernatural” (Pickwick Publications, 2020). It was published as a blog post on August 2, 2021, by the South African Theological Seminary (SATS). The review can be viewed on the SATS Blog by visiting the link below. It opens with the following statement:

Christopher J. Richmann has written a book on F.F. Bosworth and pentecostalism that far exceeds all previous research on the healing evangelist, who is widely known for his classic, Christ the Healer (1924). The book, which is titled, Living in Bible Times: F.F. Bosworth and the Pentecostal Pursuit of the Supernatural (Pickwick Publications, 2020), is a timely biography that shows in convincing terms how Bosworth played a major role in the Pentecostal movement of the early 1900s and later in the post-World War II healing revival. The 291-page volume is grounded in solid research that uses valuable documents, rarely seen reports, and an abundance of primary sources. In addition to tracking Bosworth’s life history, Richmann offers a fresh review of his contributions to Pentecostal church history.

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