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F.F. Bosworth's Death Certificate

Surprising news about his medical condition

By Roscoe Barnes III, PhD

Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind “Christ the Healer”

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Fred Francis Bosworth
Image courtesy of Robert A. Pears

F.F. Bosworth’s death was caused by cerebrovascular accident with left sided hemiparesis and pulmonary edema, according to his death certificate. In simple terms, he had a stroke and became paralyzed on his left side. He also had fluid in his lungs. Additionally, he suffered from arteriosclerotic heart disease with myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure, and possibly lung cancer.

By the time of his death, which occurred on Jan. 23, 1958, the 81-year-old evangelist also had other medical/health issues that included prostate hypertrophy and uremia, and diabetes mellitus, according to his death certificate. In terms of the interval between the onset of his illness and death, the document noted:

1. He had the stroke and fluid in his lungs for one day.

2. He suffered from congestive heart failure for three years.

3. He had lung cancer for six months.

In my earlier writings on the cause of his death, I reported the cause of death was a heart attack. My information at the time was based on his obituary. While the Death Certificates clearly shows he had issues with his heart, he also had other serious problems with his health. Contrary to the devotional writings and hagiographies claiming he was near superhuman – and that he died without any illness – the fact is that he did struggle with sickness and disease.

In an earlier blog post, “T.L. Osborn's Farewell to His Mentor, F.F. Bosworth,” I wrote:

Neither Bob nor Osborn commented on Bosworth’s cause of death. However, there must have been some type of illness or weakness that caused him to be in bed for three weeks before his death. According to Bob, the family was surprised to see him “retire to his bed” when he returned home after a mission trip in January 1958. When they inquired about his wellbeing, he simply told them that “God had shown him that he had ‘finished his course.’”


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