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F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in T.L. Osborn Biography

Book recounts origin of 'mass miracle' concept

By Roscoe Barnes III

Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer

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F.F. Bosworth is featured prominently in the book, T.L. Osborn: Pioneer of Mass Miracle Evangelism (Harrison House, 2010), a title that is part of the publisher's Legacy of Faith Collection. The topic of Bosworth and his influence on T.L. Osborn is noted in Chapter 8, which is titled, "A Pivotal Point." The book suggests that a turning point in Osborn’s ministry began with an invitation by Bosworth, who wanted him to come to Flint, Mich. in 1949 “to continue Rev. William Branham’s crusade in the large city auditorium, because Branham became exhausted and was physically unable to minister to the thousands who attended the crusade.”

The chapter notes that the meeting in Flint was a crucial moment in Osborn’s ministry. Not only did it mark the start of his “ministry across the United States,” but “it was also vitally significant in the equipping and turning” Osborn and his wife “in the direction of mass miracle evangelism worldwide.” The book explains:

T.L. and Daisy’s vision for a worldwide ministry of mass miracle evangelism, was birthed in Flint, Michigan. F.F. Bosworth was the instrument God chose to seed a biblical basis for that ministry in their hearts. The Voice of Healing Revival was already underway, primarily across North America, and was noted for mass evangelism taking place under gigantic gospel tents. Up to this point the normal practice of praying for the handicapped, sick, and diseased was through long prayer lines and praying for people individually. This, in part, explained why Rev. Branham had become exhausted and physically unable to minister to the thousands attending and had to send for T.L. and Daisy to take his place. This “pattern” or “model” limited what God was able to accomplish through individuals, because of their natural limitations of time and energy.

Bosworth offered new ideas about praying for people en masse. The book notes that while he “had not crusaded beyond the United States and Canada, he was keenly interested in helping all to be blessed.” He believed that “suffering people who waited in long prayer lines for someone’s special prayer … could embrace God’s healing promises as soon as they heard them and be healed.”

According to the book, Bosworth “often discussed” that idea with the Osborns. He also used Scripture, such as Psalm 105:37 to support his position: “He brought them forth … and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.” Bosworth explained: “If Moses had tried to individually lay his hands on those sick people, most them would have died before their turn would have come. Moses could never have ministered to all of them individually. The majority of them would have expired before he reach them.”

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The topic of mass miracles or healing en masse is significant in the life history of Osborn, especially as it relates to Bosworth who served as his mentor. Because of Bosworth’s influence, Osborn would go on to become a noted pioneer of mass healing crusades and the author of the book, Healing en Masse (T.L. Osborn, 1958).

NOTE: I wrote about this topic in the article, "F.F. Bosworth in South Africa: A Historical Analysis of His Later Ministry and Healing Methodology" (Africa Journal of Pentecostal Studies, 2007-12-01). Read it here. The article also appears as a chapter in my book, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009).


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