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F.F. Bosworth is Now on Pinterest

Platform Provides Easy Access to Research and Commentary on His Life History

By Roscoe Barnes III
Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer
Copyright (c) 2018


F.F. Bosworth's board on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest?

I'm happy to announce F.F. Bosworth now has a home on the popular social media platform Pinterest. It’s a place where you can visually discover his life history in a vibrant and colorful environment. You can follow updates, pin (save) the images to your own board, and then share them with your followers. So far, it appears to be a nice place to call home.
The idea for opening an account with Pinterest began a few months ago. At the time, I was pondering new ways to share Bosworth's story. So I created the Pinterest board with pins of my ongoing research, images, and commentary on his life history. Pinterest, as you may know, is image driven. It allows me to share all of my research and images on a single page (board). Each image is shared with a link to my websites/blogs where the full content is curated. Hashtags are included. Even more, the content appears in Google searches.
Perhaps you've noticed that when I share a paper or blog post on Bosworth, I post the material on both of my blogs, Bosworth Matters and RoscoeReporting. I upload some of the work to and several academic websites, including,, and Announcements of various posts are posted on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, ChronicleVitae, and Google+ Now, I’m glad to say, I am sharing my work on Pinterest.
I invite you to check it out. Please share and follow. Help me to get the word out about this important figure in our church history.

You can visit the F.F. Bosworth Pinterest board here:

Perhaps I should mention that my use of multiple channels to share this work is similar to the promotional and communication methods used by Bosworth: Instead of relying on a single source to share his messages, he skillfully used the power of multiple forms of media. The healing evangelist was a prolific writer, reporter, and tireless promoter. He used magazines, newspapers, books, tracts and other means to share his story. He used the media of his day to reach people where they were. He understood that it was all about access and the ability to reach a growing number of readers. I share the same sentiment as I branch out into the world of digital platforms and academic websites.


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For more information:

Visit the F.F. Bosworth page here. Questions about the research and commentary on F.F. Bosworth may be directed to Roscoe Barnes III, Ph.D., via email at or For updates on F.F. Bosworth history, simply follow this blog or @Roscoebarnes3 on Twitter. #ChristTheHealer

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